Engage your audience while earning revenue!
Free polls, quizzes
and branded newsletters
Engage Users

Offer fun or thought provoking polls, quizzes and newsletters. Users love to give opinions, test their smarts and get free content.

Brand Exposure

COBRA keeps your brand in front of your audience, even when they are off your site or app.

Revenue Sharing

We monetize users who opt-in to get free content and share revenue with you 50/50 for as long as they stay active.

Brand Safety

We've been in the game for 20 years and know how important it is to have clean content and advertising around your brand.

Engage your audience

You've tried various tools before but find them hard to monetize or execute
COBRA makes engaging your audience simple and profitable

Earned engagement

You have some success getting users to click or subscribe. Let's build on that success.
COBRA is a perfect add-on for users already engaging.

Monetize your audience

Maybe you have no engagement tools or are relying on 1-and-done traffic to monetize users.
COBRA is a residual, off-site revenue stream unlike any you've tried.

What They Said

Our partners say it better than we ever could. A few choice words