How it Works

ArcaMax Publishing provides this fully managed platform where you need only to create an account, decide what you want to ask or offer your visitors, paste a little code then sit back and enjoy the interaction.

You can collect opinions to better understand how your visitors think or you can ask brand-related questions to promote knowledge of your products or services. You can offer a newsletter which carries your content plus great syndicated content, without having to mail anything.

All this is free - Plus you'll paid 50% of the revenue as a COBRA partner!

COBRA Requirements:

Create a new account

The first step to engaging with and monetizing your user base is to create a Cobra partner account. This requires you to enter some basic information and confirm your email address.

Complete your business profile

Now that you have confirmed your email address we will need to complete your business profile. This will consist of some basic information that will allow us to pay you once you have published your widget.

Add a site widget or checkbox

You're all done with the hard stuff. Now time to get creative. Select your content topics, build polls and quizzes or add a checkbox to our registration.

COBRA categories:
Proud Progressive
Righteous Right
Personal Finance
Business News
Current News
Entertainment News
Weird News
Cats & Dogs
Furry & Funny Animal Videos
Gardening Tips
Bargain Hunters
Cute & Crazy Kids Videos
Health & Fitness
History & Quotes
Science & Technology
Bible Verses
Senior Living
ArcaMax Games
Home & Consumer
Sports Update
Photo of the Day
Fashion Daily
The Couch Potato
Widget Examples:
Example Poll Widget
Quiz (300x250)
Example Poll Widget
Poll (300x600)
Example Poll Widget
Subscription Widget (300x250)

Publish and get paid

Now that you have completed your profile and created a widget it is time to publish your widget and start monetizing your customers. With a little know-how, implementation is quick and easy.