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What is COBRA?
COBRA stands for Co-branded newsletters. ArcaMax is an expert in distribution of news and entertainment by email, with over 3 million subscribers. COBRA is brought to you by ArcaMax Publishing Inc. Consistent requests by publishers to have ArcaMax “run” newsletters for them has led ArcaMax to develop the industry-first COBRA newsletter partnership program. Everything ArcaMax does for partners in the COBRA program mirrors the processes and strategies used on ArcaMax’s own audience development - so rest assured you are getting the best of the “best practices.”
How does COBRA subscribe users?
All users receive a confirmation letter and must click the link to confirm their subscription. We firmly believe double-opting-in a user creates a stronger relationship and leads to increased opens and clicks.
What is a double opt-in process and why does COBRA use this?
We want to be sure to only send email to people who want to receive it. When your users subscribe to a newsletter, they will receive a confirmation email asking them to confirm their request. This helps us determine that the person submitting the email address actually is in control of it.
Am I allowed to redistribute, reprint, Co-branded newsletters?
No. ArcaMax licenses or owns all the content and redistribution is not allowed.
How do I sign up for COBRA?
1. Go to and clickSign Up.
2. Enter your email address.
3. Enter your Company's Name.
4. Enter your First and Last name asthe primary contact
5. Select the checkbox if you agreeto our Terms of Service.
6. Scroll down and click Get Started.
7. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address. Click on the link in the email to confirm your account and start earning revenue for your website.
Video Tutorial:
If my user decides to unsubscribe, how long does it take?
We will process the request and cease delivering mail on that subscription within 72 hours. Please note that they will receive e-mail on any other subscription(s) they may still have active with us.
I want to become a COBRA Partner, where do I start?
To become a COBRA partner you must first register your account. Click here to begin.
What is a COBRA Partnership?
ArcaMax Publishing provides this fully managed platform where you need only to create an account, decide what you want to ask or offer your visitors, paste a little code then sit back and enjoy the interaction.
You can collect opinions to better understand how your visitors think or you can ask brand-related questions to promote knowledge of your products or services. You can offer a newsletter which carries your content plus great syndicated content, without having to mail anything.
All this is free - Plus you'll paid 50% of the revenue as a COBRA partner!
Click here to sign up
What are the requirements to be a COBRA partner?
• We deliver mail to subscribers in the USA only. Please use these tools on sites and apps targeting USA users.• We offer managed service (we do it for you) to websites and apps with more than 500,000 monthly visitors/users.• Choose Managed Services during registration and our representative will contact you.• There is no minimum traffic for the self service program
How should COBRA Partners collect email registrations?
The white label solution works best when the newsletter is presented as the Partners main email product and prominently placed on the site- headers, house ads, log-in areas, registration paths and social media. The more places they have to sign up the better.
Can I use COBRA if I already have an email newsletter?
Yes. COBRA can be offered as a secondary product to expand your user’s options.
Where will by brand be displayed?
All newsletters are titled [Partner][newsletter title] with “powered by ArcaMax.”
o Example: JoeBob’s Bargain Hunters newsletter…..powered by ArcaMax
o Example: JoeBob’s Health and Fitness newsletter…..powered by ArcaMax
Brand logo appears on main content newsletter and any digests (if applicable). Partner brand is not on third party solo email offers.
Partner name (via newsletter title- see above) appears in the subject line and body of confirmation and welcome letters
How do I make money?
After a user registers they start to receive newsletters. Our newsletters contain brand-safe advertising in various formats. We collect revenues in the form of CPM, CPA, CPL and CPC ads. The following month, we tally it up and split it with our partner! You make revenue as long as the user stays subscribed. Users unsubscribe over time so it’s very important that you keep an active daily stream of new users coming onboard. Mailing lists and revenues grow rapidly month over month in the first 16 months, assuming you have a steady flow of new subscribers
What revenue is included in the rev-share?
· Reg path: They go down a reg path upon clicking the confirmation link in their email.
· Display/Native ads on newsletters: Frequency depends on the content type. If it’s Bargain Hunters, Bible Verses or Horoscopes (and a few others) then they receive two per day. Most other content categories are 1 per day.
· Third Party Solo emails: Each user also receives third party offers once or twice per day depending on the content. Offer emails don’t start for about a week after they subscribe (so not to exhaust them before they get the chance to open the content newsletters).
How will subscribers opt out of my Co-branded newsletter?
· Subscribers can opt out at any time, with a couple of clicks.· Our in house Customer Service department fields emails and calls from subscribers. We seek resolution ASAP and escalate to CEO when necessary.· Proactive: We use multiple scrubbing filters (some third party, some in-house) to remove duplicate subscribers, bots, known complainers, bad addresses and other undesirable subscribers.· Weekly database scrubs: We systematically cancel subscriptions for users who do not engage with our newsletters in a given time period. This assures only the most qualified users remain as customers.
What is the average lifespan and value of a subscriber?
Average lifespan and value of a subscriber depends on the quality and source of the subscriber. Analytics indicate that subscribers tend to stick around for 6-8 months on average and the total lifetime value averages $3.00 per user.
Whose mailing domains and IP are used to my send Co-branded newsletter?
ArcaMax mailing domains are used to send Co-branded newsletters. To emulate our successful, internal emailing system we are using the same internal processes and platforms for our white label Partners that we use for our own newsletters.Most mailings are on ArcaMax’s in-house ESP but we use multiple partner ESPs to allow for diversification and redundancies.
What types of newsletters are available and where does the newsletter content come from?
We have vast resources of syndicated news, features, comics, columns and other desirable content from nationally recognized content organizations. Below is a list of COBRA enabled newsletters to choose from:
COBRA categories:
Proud Progressive
Righteous Right
Personal Finance
Business News
Current News
Entertainment News
Weird News
Cats & Dogs
Furry & Funny Animal Videos
Gardening Tips
Bargain Hunters
Cute & Crazy Kids Videos
Health & Fitness
History & Quotes
Science & Technology
Bible Verses
Senior Living
ArcaMax Games
Home & Consumer
Sports Update
Photo of the Day
Fashion Daily
The Couch Potato
Can partners provide content for the newsletter?
Yes. This is a feature available for managed service clients only. Please ask your representative here
What are the minimum subscriber expectations?
There are no minimum subscriber expectations.
How do we measure success?
· Confirmation rates: This is the primary indicator of the health of a campaign. Due to domain reputation considerations we will pause campaigns not reaching minimum confirmation standards (currently 10-15% depending on the newsletter and audience). It behooves all Partners to attract and sign up users with high intentions of receiving the newsletters.· Opens and clicks are also a factor.
How to create a Cobranded quiz?
To create a cobranded quiz widget
1. Open and login.2. Select "Campaigns" from the left menu.3. Select "New Campaign+"4.
View the tutorial here:
How to create a Cobranded Subscription Widget?
To create a cobranded subscription widget
1. Open and login.2. Select "Campaigns" from the left menu.3. Select "New Campaign+"4.
View the tutorial here:
How to become a payable COBRA partner?
To become a payable partner, you need to complete your payment settings.
1. Open and login.2. Select "Payment Settings" from the left menu.3. Select whether you are an individual or representing a company.4. Select phone number's country of origin. 5. Enter your phone number, Firt name, last name, company name, address, city, state, ZIP, and country then click "NEXT."6. Select your payment method and enter the corresponding information. Each payment method has a minimum threshold and transaction fees associated with it. You may change your payment method at any time. Click "NEXT."7. Select the appropriate Tax Form for your account. (Unsure of which form to use? Select the tax form questionnaire for more details.)8. Click "Complete Form."9. Complete the selected tax form.10. Click "Next" and that's it. You're done. Your status will change from "Unpayable" to "Active."
View the tutorial here:
How to add a COBRA checkbox to your current form?
To create a cobranded checkbox for your current registration form
1. Open and login.2. Select "Campaigns" from the left menu.3. Select "New Campaign+"4.
View the tutorial here:
What are the types of COBRA campaigns?
Cobra has four types of subscription campaigns: poll, quiz, subscription widget, and checkbox options.
Poll Campaigns: Polls are great for engaging the audience with topic-pertinent questions. Build your own or use ones provided.
Quiz Campaigns: Quizzes are fun and engaging for users who like to show how much they know. Create your own or use ones provided.
Widget Campaigns: This widget offers a topical newsletter for free to your users. Your Brand Message will appear here.
Checkbox Post Campaign: Collect the user opt-in and post data directly to our API via a URL.
How to create a Cobranded Poll?
To create a cobranded Poll widget
1. Open and login.2. Select "Campaigns" from the left menu.3. Select "New Campaign+"4.
View the tutorial here:
What is a campaign?
A campaign is a kind of offer, which you will integrate into your site and display to users in order to monetize your website. We assign a unique campaign code to each individual campaign in your account. This code associated you, the brand, with the newsletter you are promoting, the revenue structure and other internal things like confirmation letters and landing pages.
What email address should I use to test the campaign?
A fresh unique email address. Using the same email address more than once, even across a different campaign, will trigger a non-subscription event.
Are pixels permitted?
Yes. This is a managed service feature only.
How can I view my revenue report?
Revenue reports are made available on or about the 10th of the month. View your previous month’s revenue share report here:
How can I view information about my subscribers?
We have two reports that show information about your subscribers: Campaign Stats and SP Export. Use Campaign Stats to view subscriber information, confirmation rates, and open rates. Use SP Export to view your lead data.
How can I view my time/date stamp?
Use the Sub Leads Report to verify time/date stamp accuracy.
How often are reports updated?
Every 24 hours overnight. Real time states are not available.